Keene Music Services, LLC, is seek to hire a part-time, temporary and mostly virtual assistant to do some non-musical work from approximately the first week of October through the last week of December.

Keene Music Services is a California-based Christmas Caroling Company (with branches in Denver and New York) whose primary act offered is The Other Reindeer Carolers, but which also books the SCAROLERS®, The Peppermints, and occasionally other custom vocal groups for weddings, marriage proposals, or funerals, usually a cappella.

We are looking for someone who will work for 8-12 hours per week. The actual hours are flexible, but at least a few hours each week must be between 10am and 7pm PST. The ideal candidate lives in the Los Angeles area, but we are only considering candidates who live within 4 hours of the PST time zone, and people who is comfortable communicating by phone, text message, and email. Pay range offered is $18-22 per hour depending on experience and suitability for the role.

To comply with California Labor Laws, we are seeking someone who has an established business providing administrative services to other clients. This is a 1099 position, part-time and temporary, no benefits. The successful candidate must have a computer, a cell phone that can receive text messages and access Instagram, and reliable internet access.

Primary tasks would be:

1) Updating 3 different instagram accounts weekly (1 total post/day) and responding to comments, follows, etc.

2) Entering data in Google Sheets

3) Scheduling emails using 17Hats

Training will be provided and paid, ideally in-person, so the ideal candidate lives with a reasonable commute of the San Fernando Valley. Being very comfortable using Google Sheets (especially formulas) and Instagram is required. Familiarity with 17Hats is a huge bonus, but I don't expect many people know it.

A musical background might be helpful, but isn't necessary.

Other desirable skills:

-Knowing what a CSV file is and how to use it

-Familiarity with basic html

-Google Automation skills could be helpful

Desirable personality traits:

1. Patient and methodical

2. Smart and innovative

3. Someone who strives for accuracy

4. Someone who strives for efficiency

5. Diplomatic about giving suggestions

6. Takes responsibility for mistakes

7. Someone honest, ethical, who has integrity

(Please DO NOT apply for this position if you are a professional or amateur vocalist! If you would like to apply to sing with one of my ensembles, please visit this page.)

To apply, send resume and cover letter to Please apply by October 2nd; we will respond to qualified candidates by October 3rd.